Terms & Conditions

There are a few terms and conditions you should read through before making the decision to pick any package from our available offers or make an agreement to choose us for your Umrah and Hajj agents. You must be informed about the fact that we hold complete control over the rates that we charge for the packages which we have on offer for our clients. This gives us full power over our decision to make any alterations in the rates of the available packages without any warning before we make the decision to do so.
An important point to note is that the Umrah Visa, which is part of the package, will only be issued to a client if they have chosen a package for themselves. The company is in no way, shape or form answerable and does not promise an Umrah Visa without a package. Moreover, the tickets/visas are reliant on the availability of the actual seats. It is also possible that the tickets and/or visas are available but they are also subject to approval from the KSA Ministry of Hajj. So we are in no way accountable for any deferrals that are caused during the entire process the visa has to go through in order to be released to you by KSA’s Ministry of Hajj.
The time crunches and rules upon reaching your hotel will have to be followed according to those set by the government of KSA or the guiding principle of the hotel which you are going to spend the time staying at on this religious journey of yours. It should be noted that these packages do not include the extra telephone, laundry, food or other charges; for all of these extra charges, the accountability for the payment falls on the clients themselves.
The agents responsible for arranging packages for their clients will have to sign an agreement with us, taking full responsibility for every passenger and ensure that they enter and leave Saudi Arabia according to their chosen packages.In case a client decides to cancel or not show up at all, he or she will be charged cancellation charges and the ticket cancelling charges will also be separately applicable. If a client does not use any facility that is included in the package, that portion of the package will be non-refundable. If a client overstays the number of days specified as part of the packages, he or she will have to face a penalty.Any responsibility of a client overstaying his/her stay or not abiding by the country’s rules does not fall on the team assisting the clients or on the company, itself.