Privacy Policy ensures to protect your privacy so that your experience with us is a 100% safe and secure. This policy at deals with the data that is collected on this website and the usage of that data. When you make a decision to carry on with using the services we provide, you are agreeing to the procedure and method we use in conducting our services.

The data which this website collects is your personal information like your name and email address. There are several other aspects of your details which we are interested in, some of which include more of a general set of data which does not have anything to do with you alone, it is more for the purpose of learning more about the demographics of our website’s visitors such as age, gender, area ZIP code and preferences. Specifications about the gadget you are using to reach this website are also collected which can include the IP address and the exact time at which you came across our website.

The reason for collecting all of this above-mentioned information is to tweak our website to make it possible to enhance the experience of our customers who access our website. However, you should be careful about the data you plan to post on the mediums on our website which are open to the rest of the general public, we are in no way answerable to you or anyone, for the matter, if others decide to misuse the provided data in any way they wish to do so. While we may use the details you provide to us regarding your identity and your gadget hardware information, we do not in any way check or read through the communications which you carry out online since that is not something we have any use with regarding our website improvements.

We ensure that whatever details of yourself you decide to trust us with is protected strictly. This website is designed to certify that not a bit of the detail which you provide is subject to any unlawful access. The highly sensitive details like your credit card number or any passwords are strictly protected making use of encryption systems and software. You should be free of any worries when sharing any of the required material with us and not fear that our system will allow any sort of illegal usage of the provided data that you allowed us to access.

Along with this, if we want to maintain a smooth operation of our website and enhance accordingly to the current experience, we use ‘cookies’ to gather the information about how you used the website, whether you faced any difficulties and so on. All web browsers have cookies as a built in feature which is basically software through which servers can temporarily save the information of your website usage within the browser. That information, in turn, is used by us to examine your usage of