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It is every Muslim’s dream to visit the Holy Ka’abah and experience a religious awakening at least once in their entire lifetime. We are here to make that dream possible for everyone wanting to experience this dream of theirs. We not only offer outstanding Umrah and Hajj packages at very reasonable rates but we also arrange religious tour packages so that people can explore more about their religion and from where it all originated.

Bookings and research for Umrah and Hajj packages can be really overwhelming as there are a lot of different companies and websites offering the same services. However, there is always the doubt of trusting what a website tells you about some package that you are planning to sign up for. We have worked hard towards building a good reputation in this regard and we handle everything that is required for you to have a memorable Umrah or Hajj experience.

Our aim is to ensure that all your needs are met on this journey that you have planned to embark upon. This is an opportunity of a lifetime and we think it our duty and top responsibility to make sure you are satisfied with the services which we have to offer. The agreements that we have with the hotels and other service providers in Saudi Arabia are one of the best in their field. So you need not worry about the quality of services that you should expect once you arrive at your much-awaited destination because every single moment from thereon will be an experience which you will always cherish for the rest of your life.

About us

In order to provide best quality services to our customers, and to ensure that they face no hassle in making their important decisions when it comes to something as important as
Umrah or Hajj, we decided to build this website. Through this website, it will be possible for you to clear up any questions that you may have regarding the entire process and what sort of packages we have to offer to you for Umrah and Hajj.

We have been working towards providing the best quality services for quite a few years now. It is quite a difficult decision to make, considering you are going to be several thousand miles away from your home and you would want to choose someone who can keep their side of the bargain, someone you can trust with a responsibility as huge as this. This is where we enter with a surety that you will have no complaints whatsoever from our team and the services we provide. Everything has been arranged perfectly so that you can just look forward to achieving closeness to Allah and religious enlightenment on this journey of yours.

On our website, you will find different categories of packages and further subcategories within those packages. There are different packages for each category and each package is different from every other package on this website. The packages mainly include the accommodation, transport costs required to travel from one place to the other and a few other things that are necessary for a comfortable and safe trip through and through.

We are grateful for our clients as they have made it possible for us to come this far and not only achieve our goals but also make it possible for thousands of other people to achieve their dreams as well; of coming all the way from all around the world to visit the Holy Ka’abah. If it were not for our clients, it would never have been possible for us to maintain the reputation that we have earned over the years and attract more and more people each year who choose to travel with us on their religious journey.